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BABYBrunettes Against Bubblegum Youth (band)
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A man--an unmarried man, that is--is never seen to such disadvantage as when undergoing the ordeal of "seeing baby.
Little Joyce," she murmured, when Marilla came in to see the baby.
My baby cannot judge yet for himself, but I, his mother, can foresee that should it have been given him to survive to man's estate he would willingly sacrifice his life for the honour of his mother.
Where on earth do you get your notions, borrowing a baby for Sunday
Towards the end of February it happened that Anna's baby daughter, who had been named Anna too, fell ill.
Her cherubic father justly remarked to her husband that the baby seemed to make her younger than before, reminding him of the days when she had a pet doll and used to talk to it as she carried it about.
Because," replied the Man, "the Baby belongs to the Orphan Asylum.
She said the last word with such sudden violence that Alice quite jumped; but she saw in another moment that it was addressed to the baby, and not to her, so she took courage, and went on again:--
She's fond of that there child, though she mid pretend to hate en, and say she wishes the baby and her too were in the churchyard," observed the woman in the red petticoat.
Another girl would have kept her baby out of sight, but Tony, of course, must have its picture on exhibition at the town photographer's, in a great gilt frame.
There were four little girls, and two little boys, besides the baby who might have been either, and the baby's next successor who was as yet neither.
Three weeks later Philip saw Mildred and her baby off to Brighton.