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B2BBusiness to Business
B2BBusiness 2 Business
B2BBack to Basics
B2BBack to Back
B2BBay to Breakers (annual footrace; San Francisco, CA)
B2BBack to Business
B2BBus to Bus
B2BBuffer to Buffer
B2BBack to Base
B2BBorder to Border
B2BBack to Banking
B2BBrother 2 Brother (greek gaming clan)
B2BBridges to Babylon (Rolling Stones album)
B2BBottle to Bottle (plastics recycling)
B2BBottom 2 Box (marketing metric)
B2BBack to Bankruptcies
B2B'Bout to Bounce (chat)
B2BBaptist 2 Baptist (Southern Baptist Convention)
B2BBoundary-Corrected Second Born (for scattering)
References in classic literature ?
When he had looked long, the pair took their stand back to back in the centre of the kraal, and people saw that Umslopogaas held the axe in a new fashion, its curved blade being inwards towards his breast, and the hollow point turned towards the foe.
once more Umslopogaas stood back to back unhurt, but before them lay four men dead.
The trust and the Back to Backs have worked together to develop interactive sessions with sights, sounds, smells and objects that are likely to be familiar to evoke memories and encourage discussion.
He said that back to back mysterious blasts were a well-hatched conspiracy and bloody plan by India to intimidate the Kashmiri people and divert their attention from the atrocities being committed by Indian troops against them.
Kabul [Afghanistan] May 27( ANI ): At least two back to back explosions were reported in Afghanistan's Jalalabad city on Sunday.
First minute of the fourth quarter saw Pakistan waste another PC.Then Malaysia could not make out of two back to back PCs.
After losing back to back matches against Scotland, Zimbabwe, and Hong Kong, the Afghan team managed to seal a victory against Nepal on Saturday with a difference of 6 wickets with 68 balls remaining.
North East England Chamber of Commerce member, Back to Back CIC is run by experienced recruitment manager Dawn Wake, who has first-hand knowledge of the difficulties many former ex-service personnel have in obtaining secure employment.
Those with no choice but to live back to back had an added social stigma the book does not discuss.
"I love playing back to back with him, as every time we do it's always special, always fun..."
LIAM WATSON shot a sensational 82nd minute levelling goal to keep Loughgiel Shamrocks' dream of back to back AIB club hurling titles alive.