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BNBrushed Nickel (bathroom fixtures)
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BNBackground Noise
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BNNotaire Bernois (French)
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BNBroadcast Number
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Unlike the lab process of noisy utterance collection described in the first study, this synthetic means of noisy utterance collection is much more powerful and can be applied to thousands of utterances once the initial background noise and CIRs are collected.
The children learned the new words and their meanings only when they had first heard the labels in a quiet environment, suggesting that experience with the sounds of the words without distracting background noise helps children subsequently map those sounds to meaning.
How did background noise affect the results of the experiment?
Repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to determine if there were statistically significant differences in average ratings among the assorted background noise level, tonal frequency, and prominence level conditions.
Then they re-performed the same test, after processing the recordings with the algorithm to remove background noise.
The system consists geophones attached to a computer that uses an algorithm to filter out background noise and determine a precise location of the underground sound.
One whale called at 117 dB when the background noise level was 105 dB, 132 dB when the background noise rose to 120 dB, and 138 dB when background rose to 126 dB.
RNID urges all broadcasters and programme-makers to consider the needs of people who are deaf or hard of hearing and, longer-term, we support the development of technology to enable viewers to turn down, or turn off, background noise on a television programme.
Meeting an external noise level limit relative to existing background noise levels, without reference to any amenity standards (absolute noise level limits), is not satisfactory and results in noise creep.
While call centers may no longer resemble the boiler rooms of the old days, no call center can afford to house agents in their own individual offices, or give each agent 500 square feet of floor space to keep background noise minimized.
In the UK background noise levels have increased over the years and noiserelated complaints continue to rise.
A drop in WRS of more than 20% at higher presentation levels (rollover test) or with competing conversational background noise is suggestive of retrocochlear dysfunction.