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Addressing the $215 million backlog of projects in the Smokies will help attract even more visitors, bring more good jobs to East Tennessee and ensure future generations can enjoy the outdoors like we have.
Courts in the BrCko District of BiH closed 2,780 cases while the Court of BiH closed 1,644 backlog cases.
UAE contractors have the largest order backlog in the GCC, with Arabtec and DSI in the lead, accounting for 51% and 33% of the industry's backlog respectively.
In January the Welsh Liberal Democrats prompted a debate at the National Assembly on the repairs backlog, which then stood at pounds 468.
A National Forensic DNA Study Report in late 2003 found a backlog of about 150,000 such cases across the country.
It is inevitable in times of backlog for phone volumes to rise as distributors, buyers and policyowners all call to get updates on their delayed service requests.
If backlog becomes excessive--an overflowing bucket--you'll find that you can't do all the requested work.
Once we understood the deferred maintenance backlog, it gave us the opportunity to determine investment priorities.
First and foremost, backlog measures production capacity--the projected time required, usually expressed in months or weeks, for a company's production crews to complete contracted work.
In an interview with DAV Magazine, he expressed confidence that the recommendations made by the Claims Processing Task Force last October would meet the goals of cutting the backlog by 50% over two years and reducing processing time by 50% during the same period.
It reads: "The concept of backlog presupposes a throughput-driven schedule where jobs are placed into production to maximize an outdated notion of manufacturing efficiency rather than to ensure the modern business imperative of customer satisfaction through on-time delivery and short lead times.
This year, 57 percent of the respondents said that their backlog had increased over last year, compared to 54 percent who indicated so in 1994.