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BÄKBundesärztekammer (German Medical Association)
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The keyboard lets you tap out musical notes on the number keys, exclaims "oops" if you hit the backspace and makes the cash register clinking sound when you hit the dollar sign.
She hits the backspace key with her right index finger and begins again.
When Stine hits the backspace key on his typewriter, the players ``rewind'' and move backward.
Ever typed a sentence, realized it made no sense or wasn't relevant and then held down Backspace to erase the whole thing, letter by letter?
Of course, he then had to backspace to erase the characters he had just typed and then start again with the hunt and peck, one-finger method of typing.
If it doesn't, backspace inside the User Name field to erase what you typed and type it again.
I couldn't keep track of how often I pressed my backspace key or how often I deleted entire sentences and paragraphs because I knew whatever I wanted to say--it just had to be right.
However, in order to avoid any superfluous repetition, all new features on armoured vehicles are included in the supplement covering this subject and included in this issue, Since all rules have their exceptions, and in the context of the Fres requirement, word must be said about the presence of a Piranha III 8 x 8 topped with a RO Defence 120 mm Armoured Mortar System II (due to lack of backspace, it was impossible to photograph the vehicle).
I was amazed by how well he could carry on a conversation by typing away on his laptop--almost as fast as he could talk, stopping occasionally to backspace and correct a spelling or reconsider a word or phrase.
Italic fonts were generally not a choice with the typewriter, so the practice developed over the years to backspace and then use the underscore key to underline the verbiage where emphasis was desired, and at such time as the work was typeset the underscored words would be set in italic type.
WHILE playing Star Wars: Phantom Menace for the PC, press backspace and enter these cheats in the dialogue window:
Dot dot WWW save and quit paste backspace copy home page," squealed the professor.