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4:30 p.m.: Audacity Theatre Lab presents "Robert's Eternal Goldfish" at Backspace, $10
The most basic precaution is to consider the use of backspace and clear keys when typing your passwords (see Banking on Change, November 2009).
Belton's illustrations have an excellent balance between precise detail in the foreground and uncluttered backspace so that the full drama of the moment is captured.
<p>Laptop lids, especially shiny logos and areas close to the hinges, provide the most easily read vibrations.<p>Anyone worried about this type of attack can make sure there is no line of sight to the laptop, move position frequently while typing and polluting the signal by striking random keys and later deleting them with the backspace key.
The G-Pen was very accurate at interpreting gestures, which feel like scribbling on the pad, but equate to keystrokes such as backspace, tab, undo, and so on.
Their taxonomy has four main categories which are based on keyboard actions; these categories are: a) text scanning and cursor movements (backward cursor, forward cursor, page up, page down, beginning point, endpoint and block highlight); b) menu-bar icon use (Apple, File, Edit, Windows, Search, Format, Spelling and Macros); c) text deletion (Backspace and Block); and d) text addition (Insert and Text Entry).
She hits the backspace key with her right index finger and begins again.
Pressing the backspace will return the user to the Veropedia site.
Though the researchers did not use the shift, control, backspace, or caps lock keys in their experiments, they believe they may eventually be able to account for those keys as well.
The speed and ease of trying an alternate search seems to outweigh the benefits of a better-formed search, much as the computer "backspace" key undercut the value of accurate typing.
Ever typed a sentence, realized it made no sense or wasn't relevant and then held down Backspace to erase the whole thing, letter by letter?