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Filter backwash therefore tends to contain more concentrated pathogens than does pool water.
Multimedia unit backwash should be performed at a face velocity of about 2* 2 1/2 times the operating face velocity.
With self-cleaning backwash protection, turnaround time on the reactor can be dictated by catalyst life and unit operation, not by particulate in the feedstock.
It is an outlet pipe of some sort and when he fell forward he created a backwash and was completely sucked in.
Caught in the post-John DeLorean backwash (Adams was seen as one of DeLorean's guys), he joined DeLorean's brother Jack to design vehicles for Grand Prix of America a go-kart racing venture that quickly went bust.
Most important to this application is the fact that the systems count gallons of water used and backwash based on water usage, rather than at an arbitrarily set time.
The HMF-SST System is a skid-mounted package with a system-matched pump and Nema 3R control panel for automatic backwash to self-clean the media.
Englewood, NJ, offered a complete system approach where the filters, manifolds and all necessary valves, hardware and gaskets were pre-assembled and prewired, requiring only inlet, outlet, backwash and power-supply connections.
The unique circular configuration features an indexing flow diverter that rotates from station to station, as required, to take a single station off-line for backwash cleaning.
As codified in 1979 by Dick Hebdige in his short book Subculture: The Meaning of Style (and beautifully timed to ride the backwash of punk), Cohen's idea of the Subcultural Imaginary was transformed into a how-to manual for those who wished to export and duplicate the success of Britain's pop machine.
The crashing surf and backwash (backwards pull) from waves also make her job anything but a "day at the beach.
But sink and building filters also have to be changed as they clog up and can sometimes backwash and flood.