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Poorly performed backwash reduces filter bed porosity because it does not fully remove the obstruction of pores by already adhered particles, causing increase in the pressure differential of the device and reduction of removal efficiency in the subsequent filtration process (Staden & Haarhoff, 2011).
In this survey, pool filter backwash samples were collected at metro-Atlanta public pools during the 2012 summer swim season; qPCR assays were conducted to detect Escherichia coli (a fecal indicator), Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Cryptosporidium spp.
Key Words: Wetlands; Backwash water; Secondary effluent; BOD5; TSS; Turbidity
Filter backwash therefore tends to contain more concentrated pathogens than does pool water.
Multimedia unit backwash should be performed at a face velocity of about 2* 2 1/2 times the operating face velocity.
Also linked to the lower manifold is an arrangement of air laterals, which provide for media agitation during the backwash cycle.
The resulting report finds both types of auxiliary backwash produces a cleaner media than the control filter, analyzes the annual costs of each system, and identifies site-specific capital cost factors for utilities to consider.
Work undertaken included the installation of ramps, wider doorways, a disabled toilet and a portable washbasin for clients who cannot use standard backwash chairs.
The new addition to the product line is the Maggie, a high intensity, in-line, self-cleaning magnetic separator that uses a patented process that shuttles the magnets outside the system flow at the time of backwash to provide quick removal of debris.