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Thus, in addition to other techniques, combination of bacteriological examination and antibiotic sensitivity test can be used as a practical method for diagnosing endometritis and also for choosing the most appropriate antibacterials for the treatment for endometritis.
Using total coliform as an indicator bacterium has been the major standard test for measuring bacteriological pollution in water for many decades and can be a good indicator of contamination in chlorinated water sources (Bradshaw & Powell, 2004; Koren & Bisesi, 2003b; Salvato et al.
Although many postmortem bacteriological cultures in SUDI yield organisms, most seem to be unrelated to the cause of death.
1978) found that total endotoxins could be correlated to bacteriological plate counts methods with coefficients of determination ([r.
Subsequent infestations in Oregon and elsewhere have been successfully controlled using the bacteriological agent and its new variant, Bt kurstaki, or Btk.
As suggested earlier, this should be a loud signal to the operator that bacteriological testing should be done to insure that other contaminants like Giardia and crypto haven't entered with the algae.
As Melosi recounts in Part II of The Sanitary City, the bacteriological revolution provided the means to effectively combat epidemic disease.
The scare over anthrax infection in the US has drawn attention to the vulnerability of homes and businesses to chemical and bacteriological attack.
In a report to the Community Safety and Regulation policy panel last night officers say: "The Public Protection Department currently monitors 33 leisure pools for bacteriological and chemical safety.
Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on Their Destruction, opened for signature at Washington, London, and Moscow April 10, 1972; entered into force March 26, 1975.