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Bayham Badger has not the appearance, Miss Summerson, of a lady who has had two former husbands?
Badger replied to the smile, "I was observing to Mr.
Badger, "when I married Captain Swosser of the Royal Navy.
Badger has been married to three husbands--two of them highly distinguished men," said Mr.
Badger to us generally, "so unreasonable--as to put my reputation on the same footing with such first-rate men as Captain Swosser and Professor Dingo.
Badger gave us in the drawing-room a biographical sketch of the life and services of Captain Swosser before his marriage and a more minute account of him dating from the time when he fell in love with her at a ball on board the Crippler, given to the officers of that ship when she lay in Plymouth Harbour.
Badger shook her head, sighed, and looked in the glass.
Badger signified to us that she had never madly loved but once and that the object of that wild affection, never to be recalled in its fresh enthusiasm, was Captain Swosser.
There was a smell of fresh earth and dirty badger, which fortunately
Tod took a last look at the badger and softly left the room.
Gently the Badgers trotted to the shore The sandy shore that fringed the bay: Each in his mouth a living Herring bore-- Those aged ones waxed gay: Clear rang their voices through the ocean's roar,
Jordan Houlston, 24, of Alexandra Road, Llandudno, was convicted by a district judge at the town's court of ill-treating a badger, and unnecessary suffering by causing a badger to fight with dogs at Cwm Bowydd Farm, Blaenau Ffestiniog, last February.