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BAILBoundary and Interior Layers
BAILBelize Aluminum Industries Limited
BAILBoaters' Action and Information League (Florida)
BAILBay Area Internet Literacy (California)
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Among his other disabilities, he was a consumptive, and I knew that if he attempted to bail, it might bring on a hemorrhage.
You'd better get out your gun and make them bail," I said to George.
You sabbe talkee talkee, then you bail water plenty plenty.
Fix's blood ran cold, but he resumed his composure when he heard the judge announce that the bail required for each prisoner would be one thousand pounds.
Since leaving London, what with travelling expenses, bribes, the purchase of the elephant, bails, and fines, Mr.
I've been doing a fellow up," said Jurgis, "and I've got to get five hundred dollars' bail.
I shouldn't even dare to get bail for you--why, I might ruin myself for life
It had been so managed as to make a remand necessary in a town where I was a perfect stranger, and where I could not hope to get my liberty on bail.
The bail required was offered, and accepted immediately.
I met this attorney, and gave him all the particulars at large, as they are recited above; and he assured me it was a case, as he said, that would very well support itself, and that he did not question but that a jury would give very considerable damages on such an occasion; so taking his full instructions he began the prosecution, and the mercer being arrested, gave bail.
But he was too deep, and too ready, and too clever for me, and by the time the two men had come back out of breath and confessed that they had lost the track in a crowd, and been scolded like thieves, I would have gone bail for the innocence of Long John Silver.
Been layin' in jail, A-waitin' for bail, Till my bully comes rollin' along.