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For example, if a bakery's late dues amount to EGP 5,000 and the value of its insurance charges up to EGP 20,000, the bakery will deposit EGP 15,000 in the bank account allocated to the bread subsidy project, said Al-Muselhi.
The bakery industry are one of the largest organized food industries all over the world and particularly biscuits are one of the most popular products because it is economically cheaper as well as consider to be luxurious gifts for infants and school going children who are under weight.
To be sure, when it comes to the bakery department, image is everything.
As the major supplier of both branded and customer branded bakery products, Allied Bakeries is uniquely positioned to support the future needs of our customers, with the quality of our products, investment in infrastructure, innovation and people we are committed to long-term sustainable growth and will work together with our partners to develop the bakery category.
Besides, the reluctance of Saudis to work in the sector will limit the nationalization percentage in bakery industry.
Since the first Woof Gang Bakery opened in Jupiter, the company has expanded across Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and New Jersey with 33 locations.
The bakery uses the latest baking techniques and equipment to produce both fresh and frozen bakery products and snack items and has already been awarded the HACCP and ISO22000 health and food-safety certifications.
Dodghsons' Bakery in Wallasey is the only company in Merseyside to be selected for new ITV1 series Britain's Best Bakery.
It is to be mentioned here that the guards of CM Punjab's daughter abducted and tortured a bakery employee in Lahore after he refused to act upon her request.
Bakery in Al-Bab, northeastern Aleppo, August 21 and 22;
Going beyond bread to maximise bakery sales - Bakery Favourites and Breads of the World
The bakery is the first business to open in a new plaza owned by Sarli.