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In light of the difficulty of defining and measuring power, let alone determining whether the power of different branches "balances," one might be skeptical of the Court's assertion that its task is to maintain that balance of power.
Furthermore, Tehran has sought to discipline and to frighten the GCC countries from the repercussions of their stances on Syria - in particular the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is leading the campaign of change and which qualifies as an effective Arab force within the regional balance of power.
I argue that the international balance of power has all the characteristics of Hayekian spontaneous order.
Any regional balance of power depends heavily on great-power involvement and the ways in which such powers are engaged in regional systems.
The balance of power is at the heart of the nation-states politics where prudent and rational state elites aim at achieving, if they cannot do even better.
Resolutions to restore the balance of power between the states and the federal government have already been introduced in at least 14 state legislatures.
But, despite the difficulties and violence which that government faced, the balance of power in Iraq has finally begun to tilt in favour of the US-led struggle against terrorism.
We face another referendum in Quebec within the mandate of the next government and we will have the balance of power in our federal government held by the Bloc Quebecois.
It will cover 'traditional' issues like interstate warfare, the regional balance of power, alliances, national defense policies, nuclear proliferation and arms control, as well as "new" security issues such as democratic transition, globalization and its backlash, ethnic conflicts, insurgencies, failing states and transnational terrorism.
Mankind's disregard of the environment has led to an excess of carrion, which has upset the balance of power in Birddom.
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