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In a way, the EU is now at the center of Iran situation and if Beijing plays its role wisely, the balance of power can easily shift from the West to Asia.
To ensure that US hegemony can give way to a peaceful and prosperous balance of power, more varied and visionary leadership will be required.
"Firstly, this will have no impact on the balance of power. The United States has absolute superiority when it comes to naval forces.
But what do courts do when they maintain the balance of power between the Executive and Congress?
A change in the balance of power could help the BJP push through long-delayed pieces of legislation, such as GST bill, HSBC said.
To suggest it is a Czechoslovakia-like weak state facing Hitler's Germany in 1938 is to completely ignore the real balance of power in the Middle East.
When a member in the audience questioned Dr Barghouthi about the balance of power, and how there can be a balance of power when the US backs Israel, Dr Barghouthi answered that the "US is no longer the sole power", and now "the world is multi-polar", and India and China are powers to be reckoned with.
However, the principal reason for the current chaos may well be the dismantling of the traditional balance of power that had assured the region a measure of strategic stability since the 1920s.
Plaid Cymru could hold the balance of power, forcing the government to give Wales a fighting chance.
Although his party is unlikely to get more than a handful of seats, he believes he could hold the balance of power if the Tories are the biggest party.
Straus becomes the dean of the Big 3, scorecard votes abound and a look at the balance of power over the decades: All that and more in the latest issue of our subscriber-only newsletter for political insiders ($).
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