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BKBurger King Brands, Inc. (fast food restaurant chain)
BKBack (Hyper Logo Turtle Graphics command)
BKBankruptcy (banking industry)
BKBank (IRB)
BKBreak (logging abbreviation)
BKBalk (baseball)
BKBeyonce Knowles (musical artist)
BKBlue Knights (drum corp, Denver, Colorado)
BKBlack Knights (Drum Corps; Burbank, CA)
BKBanjo-Kazooie (video game)
BKBrevin Knight (basketball player)
BKBilly Kidman (WWE wrestler)
BKBackstroke (Swimming)
BKBundeskanzler (German: Federal Chancellor)
BKBad Karma
BKBelow Knee (amputation)
BKBikini Kill (band)
BKBritish Knights
BKBad Kid
BKBee's Knees
BKBlood Killer (gangs)
BKBlitzkreig (gaming)
BKBaten Kaitos (Gamecube game)
BKBible Knowledge
BKBee Keeper
BKBovine Kidney (cells)
BKBlade Knight (gaming)
BKBacille de Koch (French: tuberculosis bacteria)
BKBrüel & Kjær (Norcross, GA)
BKBullous Keratopathy
BKBakool (postal region, Somalia)
BKBishwakarma (surname of a so called low caste in Nepal)
BKBalli Kombëtar (National Front Party, Kosovo)
BKBattery Captain (British Army)
BKBul Kathos ring (Diablo II item)
BKBronzen Kruis (Dutch)
BKBrinkman-Kramers (approximation in ion-molecular collision quantum calculation)
BKBhagavan Krishna
BKBertha Kennedy Elementary School
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If you're an eager mentor with years of experience and excellent advice, nothing will frustrate you more than a protege who balks at every suggestion.
Balk believes that national policies and guidelines should be implemented to completely ban access for minors.
Bard was hit with another balk, allowing Moustakas to reach third, and the mistake proved critical when Getz's single tied the game.
After his death in 1870, his son Gustav Balk teamed up with Amandus Dethlefsen and from then on, under the name "Dethlefsen & Balk--tea trade en gros," concentrated entrepreneurial activities on importing Chinese tea.
The college has asked Kirklees Council for permission to build 14 homes on the Green Balk Lane site to help finance the relocation.
In this highly personal view of Western History, from the Egyptians to the beginning of the twentieth century, Balk, a Finnish writer, mixes known information with a commentary on beliefs that were ignored or suppressed by mainstream society.
Some legislatures balk because rigorous requirements in bills to report bullying incidents are considered too costly or otherwise "burdensome" for school districts to implement, Ferrell says.
Balk, recognize the critical role children's health care providers play in a) discerning the potential environmental etiology of symptoms or disease, b) responding to patients' questions that arise from the increasing barrage of new messages in the media regarding environmental risks, and c) providing reliable, scientifically sound preventive messages regarding environmental exposures.
Balk is, after all, very good at making information and theory look like entertainment, and he accomplishes this by hybridizing and playing back contemporary visual codes (global/digital/youth/ travel/culture/masculine/fun) revved up with special effects (game/world sci-fi/ simulation/fantasy/NASA).
Parents concerned about allergies may balk at the idea of keeping pets around children.
After the umpires called a rare "catcher's balk" in a recent game involving the Atlanta Braves, the National League club called a balk on its announcing crew, banning them from team charter flights.