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BALLADBallistic LORAN Assist Device
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I do not mean that twenty or thirty people sat down together and said, "Let us make a ballad.
Of quite another style is the ballad of Sir Patrick Spens.
There are many versions of this ballad, but I give you here one of the shortest and perhaps the most beautiful.
I will assay, then,'' said the knight, ``a ballad composed by a Saxon glee-man, whom I knew in Holy Land.
But to all questions the other only went on with his ballad.
All the affectation of manner which she had displayed at the beginning disappeared as the ballad proceeded.
That it was a jest there was no doubt whatever; he knew that well enough, and had good reason, too, for his conviction; for during her recitation of the ballad Aglaya had deliberately changed the letters A.
A metal man he is by trade, and a mettled man by nature; moreover, he doth sing a lovely ballad.
There was a tinker, two barefoot friars, and a party of six of the King's foresters all clad in Lincoln green, and all of them were quaffing humming ale and singing merry ballads of the good old times.
On which occasion, as the ballad that was made about it describes:
Separating these, the board and trestles became a counter, the basket supplied the few small lots of fruit and sweets that he offered for sale upon it and became a foot-warmer, the unfolded clothes-horse displayed a choice collection of halfpenny ballads and became a screen, and the stool planted within it became his post for the rest of the day.
His feats were sung about in ballads through all the shire.