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For shooters, the best of the series are the Kestrel Ballistics Meters, which combine weather data gathering with a highly advanced ballistics program from Applied Ballistics.
iSnipe uses their exclusive Direkon Ballistics Library and has a catalog of 2,600 factory ammunition profiles for over 150 rifle and pistol cartridges.
They could have called in forensics or ballistics experts, not a medical doctor, to testify in court.
For ballistics gel, mix Knox gelatin with water in a 1:8 ratio until there are no lumps, then refrigerate.
The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global ballistic targeting system software market for 2016-2020.
As part of the research, ballistics intelligence specialists Arquebus examined 1,000 gun cartridge cases provided by the Serbian Police Directorate from their files.
Superior Ballistics positions SCP with an attractive, bullet-resistant precast concrete fence that can be customized to the exact size, color and texture needed for a security installation.
45 ACP for factors including but also beyond the discussion of handgun terminal ballistics.
Here he offers advice to anyone called to court as an expert witness on firearm ballistics, or who is thinking of taking up the practice.
Winchester's popular Ballistics Calculator app is new and improved, offering the ability to calculate aiming points, impact points and trajectories for rimfire, shotgun slug and handgun hunting ammunition.
The mission of the Ballistics Division is to promote the exchange of technical information regarding interior, transitional, exterior, and terminal ballistics as well as warhead performance.
Anyway, I was curious about its ballistics and what it was designed for.