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But how do we talk about the overall performance, or ballistics, of these bows?
The official said that he could not yet determine how many cops would be slapped with criminal and administrative charges since their findings are yet to be validated by the ballistics examinations and other tests.
There are also interior ballistics calculators such as Quick Load, which models propellant thermodynamics and combustion.
Clear Ballistics, the company that grew from Edwards' garage laboratory, was awarded the Rising Star Award by Asa Hutchinson at the Governor's Awards for Excellence in Global Trade in May.
It does a great job as far as it goes, but it runs out of juice when you are trying to duplicate original blackpowder ballistics. If you are satisfied with target-level loads, it works great.
"Nosler is pleased to provide these highly accurate BC numbers, and (we) feel confident they will bring a new degree of precision to customers' long-range ballistics calculations.
The science component is the study of ballistics. Ballistics is a highly developed, very precise field of study.
Brownells sells 10% Ballistic Gelatin as used by the FBI (#100015-077WB), a 16x6x6 block from Clear Ballistics (, 888/271-0461), as well as a mold of this size to make them yourself.
One of the key findings of the EFFECT Project, which launched in February last year, is that all countries should establish national Firearms Focal Points to collect, study and share information about firearms and ballistics.
Police gathered six more casings that were quickly entered into a national ballistics database and matched all three crimes.
The new Uno smartphone app puts a ballistics computer in the palm of a shooter's hand.
It reportedly delivers unparalleled ballistics protection combined with unprecedented weight reduction, the company says.