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BALSABlack American Law Students Association (est. 1968)
BALSABayesian Algorithm for Local Sequence Alignment
BALSABay Area Life Sciences Alliance (est. 1996; California)
BALSABrown Algorithm Simulator and Animator (Brown University)
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It was found that the Balsa system does not generate synthesized Verilog files for circuit specification codes 1-of-4 containing table definitions; in this case only the circuits with dual-rail encoding were implemented because of the SubWord function, which is part of both circuits of key generation, including tables to implement the Sbox for byte substitution.
"BalSa is a welcome addition to our house of brands and will provide our customers with an elevated sensory experience."
The chapter host this annual contest to encourage local students to build a bridge using six pieces of balsa wood.
Arnie continued with the development of this product in Australia and soon had a new composite material using a hardwood veneer bonded onto each side of end grain balsa. It eliminated the problems encountered with the original material and ATL had a new product, DuraKore, an important part of the company's range to this day.
Las grandes comunidades helofiticas, como los espadanales de Typha dominguensis, requieren de un encharcamiento prolongado, sin periodos importantes de estiaje, por lo que solo aparecen en la balsa del Calabrial que es la mas profunda y la unica que mantiene la inundacion todo el ano (Figura 3).
Balsa Foam blocks can be carved effortlessly and yield beautiful prints.
In two articles published since 2001, Balsa and McGuire (2001, 2003) have used the language and tools of economic theory to examine several phenomena that can influence doctors' decision making during clinical encounters that patients and result in racial disparities in health care.
Students also apply their scientific knowledge and technology skills in constructing and operating musical instruments, robots, rubber-band-powered airplanes, catapults, and balsa wood structures based on precise design criteria and performance specifications.
The floor, like the C5, makes use of a glass-reinforced composite that employs balsa wood panels.
KELVIN[R]'s innovative and affordable products for technology education, science, electronics and engineering include: modular labs, trainers, data acquisition, robotics, kits, consumable materials, instructional videos and books KELVIN[R]'s economical science fair materials feature project motors, gears, pulleys, balsa, solar cells, electronic parts, buzzers and switches.
For this exercise, the commercial cargo vessel, Balsa (MV 72), and its 18-man crew were contracted to play the role of suspects.