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BANANABuild Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything
BANANABridge Analog Network and Node Analyzer (Cisco)
BANANABay Area Numerical Analysis Networking Alliance (California)
BANANABoron Artifact Non-Artifact Nefarious Anomaly (IBM)
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The choice green parcels were now laid on a cloth of banana leaves, and with a cocoa-nut shell we drank the cool water of the running stream; and thus we enjoyed our rustic meal.
The thin edges of the great leaves of the banana, damp with spray, were unbroken, instead of being, as is so generally the case, split into a thousand shreds.
In the less precipitous parts we passed through extensive groves of the wild banana.
In the midst of bananas, orange, cocoa-nut, and bread-fruit trees, spots are cleared where yams, sweet potatoes, and sugar-cane, and pine-apples are cultivated.
When in the evening I descended from the mountain, a man, whom I had pleased with a trifling gift, met me, bringing with him hot roasted bananas, a pine-apple, and cocoa-nuts.
She took another banana, in case the first might not be sufficient.
He took the banana in a detached manner, as it to convey the idea that it did not commit him to any particular course of conduct.
And upon this, without other warning, he let fly with the banana which missed my head, and took the constable just under the left eye.
Also, they were growing weak and complaining of stomach pains caused by the straight banana diet.
He was followed by many packages of dried bananas, each package wrapped in dry leaves.
he asked, pausing by the side of McCoy, who was making a breakfast off fried bananas and a mug of water.
The last several packages of dried bananas were stored in them, as well as the instruments of the officers.