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Come Creon then, come all the mightiest In Thebes to seek me; for if ye my friends, Championed by those dread Powers indigenous, Espouse my cause; then for the State ye gain A great deliverer, for my foemen bane.
OEDIPUS The State around An all unwitting bridegroom bound An impious marriage chain; That was my bane.
TEIRESIAS And yet this very greatness proved thy bane.
They say it is all "these cursed women," and that we are the bane of the world; but don't let them laugh or grumble you out of your good resolutions, or your affection for me.'
Tune the pipes to the tragedy of tallow, the bane of bulk, the calamity of corpulence.
Miss Miggs, brightening again, rejoined, with many breaks and pauses from excess of feeling, that temptations had been Simmuns's bane. That it was not his faults, but hers (meaning Dolly's).
Minerva, therefore, took Mars by the hand and said, "Mars, Mars, bane of men, bloodstained stormer of cities, may we not now leave the Trojans and Achaeans to fight it out, and see to which of the two Jove will vouchsafe the victory?
Then Phoebus Apollo said to Mars, "Mars, Mars, bane of men, blood-stained stormer of cities, can you not go to this man, the son of Tydeus, who would now fight even with father Jove, and draw him out of the battle?
Near the end of Lord Foul's Bane, the mortally wounded First Mark Tuvor refuses to die without the Haruchai equivalent of absolution:
"One of the biggest mistakes newcomers make is scrimping on their belt," said Bane. "A good belt is 4 absolutely essential.
But sex also has an astonishing capacity to be the bane of human existence.
"We therefore approve the Second District's decision in Bane," the court ruled, noting, however, that Bane does not necessarily lead to the conclusion that the court must disagree with the result in Spano.