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BANSBank Swallow (bird species)
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A total of 62 bird species have been observed there, including species at risk such as the Bobolink, the Eastern Meadowlark, the Barn Swallow, and the Bank Swallow. The area contains the critical habitat of the Least Bittern, a species at risk, as well as the butternut and species listed in the Species at Risk Public Registry.
In the bank swallow tunnel entrance analysis (8), the problem was to avoid an apparent confirmation of uniformity that might have attended the use of either the binomial or the Poisson.
"We got news that bank swallows may be making it on the species at risk list, and we do have them on site, and we have been monitoring them for a few years," said Stephanie Thibeault, senior environmental co-ordinator.
Bank swallows dart overhead, and the piercing kree of an osprey echoes in the distance.