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Almost certainly this and most other research would never have been conducted if DHEA had been banned and were in the news primarily for drug raids, arrests, and trials.
Already, ten school districts, including Iowa City and Washington DC, have banned irradiated food: These bans are part of a widespread movement to improve school nutrition, which has led to farm-to-school programs and stronger nutritional guidelines.
Among the more famous books and authors banned by the Index were the novels Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and Pamela by Samuel Richardson, often cited as the first English novel.
For more information about Banned Books Week, go to the American Library Association's Web site at www.ala.org.
I think they should be banned. The only true animals are the people who make these coats and the ones who wear them.
JONSSON: Ed Klein, our environmental expert, had been on board for only two weeks after being hired away from the Environmental Protection Agency in our first real attempt to address environmental issues, when he from a trip to find a cryptic note: "You're banned in Maine."
Switzerland has reportedly banned PVC packaging and Austria is considering it.
In 1986, Congress banned certain types of armor-piercing "cop-killer' bullets.
The officials said land grabbers, including those who had launched housing societies, are being dealt with strictly and that the ban on launching such societies and conducting other related activities has been banned for two more months.
KARACHI -- The Sindh Food Authority has banned the sale and consumption of carbonated drinks, energy drinks and coloured snacks in schools and colleges.
Muslims and non-Muslims who are have permanent American citizenship but are flying in from any of the banned countries, during the specified time frame, will be allowed to enter the U.S.
Smoking and firecrackers, and at certain hours of the night, liquor had been banned in Davao City for over 14 years.