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BANSHEEBeam Accelerator for Novel Super High Energy Electron
BANSHEEBalloon and Nike-Scale High-Explosive Experiments
BANSHEEBurning Anomaly Rate Factor
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The Banshee Classic's barreled action didn't budge during field testing.
Alisha Green, stage name Banshee, is hoping to win a record deal
The Banshee - there was also a ship of the same name built later at the yard - was captured on her ninth voyage in November 1863.
Banshees flew in combat in Korea and appeared in James Michener's novel "The Bridges at Toko-ri," although F9F Panthers stood in for them in the 1955 movie starring William Holden and Grace Kelly.
Meanwhile, Meggitt Defence Systems said it had signed a follow-on contract of undisclosed value with the French DGA (General Delegation for Ordnance) for additional Banshee aerial targets, plus spares and a repair and maintenance facility over a five year period beginning earlier this summer.
In November 1955, the RCN took possession of its first fighter jet, the F2H3 Banshee all-weather jet fighter, the crown jewel of naval aviation in Canada.
Prior to joining Premier, Mr Croxford held senior management positions in Banshee Spirits Ltd, Bacardi Ltd, Diageo plc, Tate & Lyle and Allied Lyons.
Surreal is the word for Banshee Canyon, one of the best spring escapes in eastern California's Mojave National Preserve.
A big, sprawling play like "Henry IV, Part 1" is best kept manageable, particularly when braved by a small company like Burbank's Banshee.
Fruin of VF 171 was on a routine training flight after picking up a new F2H Banshee at Cherry Point.
However, she leaves no doubt as to the identity of the apparition - it was a banshee.