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BANTBritish Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (UK)
BANTBudget Authority Need Timeline (IBM software sales lead qualification)
BANTBelgian Association for Nondestructive Testing (Belgium)
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Parc Banter asked, before proceeding to give four names.
If you're not in the moment, the world of high banter will slide right past you.
Perhaps Stuart McCall's Norwegian equivalent will give The Banter Thiefs a Scandinavian style pre-gig pep talk to get them in the mood.
It's just a bit of banter but Jermaine didn't see the funny side and seemed a bit peeved.
We have a bit of banter, that's what the atmosphere in the club is all about," said Coleman.
Irish Internet telephony provider Blueface and telecoms and IT applications provider Vennetics have launched the Banter iPhone App, Vennetics said on Friday.
The Book Of World Cup Banter will make sure you're properly informed for all those pub discussions about the beautiful game.
Keep up the good work girls and keep up the banter.
CRM vendor Kana Software Inc has announced it is making the Banter Server from Banter Inc an optional component in its Response email handling product to enable customer requests to be dealt with more rapidly.
Banter has announced the availability its Banter Server, an infrastructure platform that can be implemented at the enterprise level for CRM solutions and other software to accurately understand written communication and automate appropriate action such as responding, routing and filtering -- helping result in lower costs for online customer service and higher customer satisfaction.
A sword-fighting comedy duo called Bold and Stupid Men involves lively banter, a lesson in the gentlemanly arts and amazing gymnastic feats of swordplay that spill into the street.
DUBLIN -- Blueface, Ireland's leading Internet telephony provider and Vennetics, an innovator of telecommunications and IT applications, have launched the Banter iPhone App.