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BARBBroadcasters' Audience Research Board (UK company)
BARBBorn after the Reinforced Ban (cows)
BARBBritish Audience Research Bureau
BARBBritish Association Representing Breeders
BARBBluetooth Architecture Review Board
BARBBallast Aerating Retrieval Boom (NASA)
BARBBeacon Aided Radar Bombing
BARBBroadcaster Audience Research Bureau
BARBBMDO Acquisition Reporting Bulletin Board
BARBBiohazard Assessment Research Branch (US EPA)
BARBBachelor of Arabic
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In the movie, Christian Bables played Barb and bagged a best supporting actor award as he charmed audiences with his portrayal of the make-up artist for Barb's dead BFF.
Fugiko Suginohara, Representative of the Board of Directors; Yukie Noguchi, Director; Masashi Onishi, Director; and Unuma Toshihide, Auditor, along with an interpreter, invested a day with Barb learning her Staging methods and how to interact with sellers.
HINT: Abe and Barb must have sat either in seats 1 and 6, or in seats 3 and 4
Mr Jones said he found it "very odd" that Barb figures for S4C programmes produced by Tinopolis suggested that as many as 10-15% of viewers were taking part in competitions promoted as the shows went out.
Now, Barb has announced she'll be bringing her show to the upstairs suite at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall for one last time before the venue closes for refurbishment.
2 mm single barb ends in barb to barb straight through.
All surgeons used double powder-free gloves (Ansell, Dothan, AL) in all cases; surgeons exchanged their outer gloves just prior to barb suture handling and removed the gloves immediately upon completion of the suture handling.
But Barb has also recorded alternative versions of compositions by artists as diverse as Nina Simone, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Webb, Leonard Cohen and Jacques Brel.
Barb thought of them and they treated her as family.
Barb, 60, told the ECHO: "I just got so fed up of seeing wrappers and cans and paper lying about, I started going out and clearing it up.
The barb and loop end effector design allowed for tissue approximation without the need to tie surgical knots, except when the two sutures were tied together at the end of the reconstruction.