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Lulofs' Veterans Q Original Barbecue Sauce was named among National Barbecue News' "2017's Sauces of Honor" and Maxim Magazine's "15 Best Damn Barbecue Sauces in America" in 2017.
Interviewees speak--seemingly unprompted; the filmmakers are as unobtrusive as possible here--about how and why the barbecue tradition is expressed in their cultures.
With its roots in the South, it's no surprise that many of the state states with the largest share of barbecue restaurants reside below the Mason Dixon Line.
Don't take a smouldering or lit barbecue into a tent, caravan or cabin.
In fact, last year the UK was crowned Europe's leading barbecue nation.
On the foodservice side, the National Restaurant Association kept barbecue in its "What's Hot in 2014" list, while on the home front, barbecue remains a quintessentially American pastime and menu item, with innovative twists.
PEOPLE in the Valley, of late, are flooded with trendy restaurants and coffee shops, but barbecues of Srinagar's Khayam Chowk are still a big draw.
It's exciting to see our customers enjoying our authentic barbecue and free ice cream.
The dedicated barbecue cooking school runs courses all year, teaching techniques enabling you to grill, roast, smoke or bake almost anything on a barbecue.
If anything, that's underplaying it: 2012 could be one of the most lucrative periods ever for barbecue - if the weather cooperates.
Mr Hesler urges barbecue chefs to always follow the safety instructions provided with disposable barbecues, never use a barbecue indoors and never leave a barbecue unattended.