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BAROBetter Access to Radiation Oncology (Australia)
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The barometer is tumbling down like anything, Harry.
The lamp wriggled in the gimbals, the loosened books toppled from side to side on the shelf, the long barometer swung in jerky circles, the table altered its slant every moment.
He lost himself amongst advancing semi-circles, left- and right-hand quadrants, the curves of the tracks, the probable bearing of the centre, the shifts of wind and the readings of barometer.
I tapped the barometer, and it jumped up and pointed to "very dry.
Then there are those new style of barometers, the long straight ones.
Twenty-nine flat," Captain Lynch reported, coming out from another look at the barometer, a chair in his hand.
Then he remembered the barometer and ran back to the house.
He put on a coat of pilot cloth, unhooked the barometer, and stowed it away in a capacious pocket.
The supporting power being estimated at 2500 pounds, and the united weights of the party amounting only to about 1200, there was left a surplus of 1300, of which again 1200 was exhausted by ballast, arranged in bags of different sizes, with their respective weights marked upon them - by cordage, barometers, telescopes, barrels containing provision for a fortnight, water-casks, cloaks, carpet-bags, and various other indispensable matters, including a coffee-warmer, contrived for warming coffee by means of slack-lime, so as to dispense altogether with fire, if it should be judged prudent to do so.
The instruments provided for the journey consisted of two barometers, two thermometers, two compasses, a sextant, two chronometers, an artificial horizon, and an altazimuth, to throw out the height of distant and inaccessible objects.
Pray for me," he says upon the eve of each of his excursions, and returning, with an equal simplicity, he renders thanks "after supper in the little room where he kept his barometers.
Several thermometers, barometers, and telescopes were packed in the instrument case.