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Claritas and Barometric work with some of the nation's largest consumer brands, including AT and T, Home Depot, Kroger, Peloton, Liberty Mutual, McDonald's, Progressive Insurance, Samsung, Verizon and Zions Bank.
Preliminary analysis indicated that the most important predictor of new-onset headache in winter, spring, and fall was the barometric pressure differential between 2 consecutive days.
Using data from 1985 to 1986, Ramirez & Candela-Perez (2003) found that the barometric pressure in the Gulf of Mexico was the most important meteorological forcing at low frequency, affecting the variability of the sea level.
The WeatherHawk 922 is preconfigured with sensors for wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, solar radiation and rainfall.
Changes in barometric pressure tends to indicate freakish weather.
But even so, these handhelds, the sheets of paper, or any other method of computing ballistics required the use of instrumentation to monitor wind, temperature, and barometric pressure.
When connected to an AdvancedSense meter that is outfitted with the optional BP-101 barometric pressure sensor, relevant moisture readings are auto-compensated for pressure changes due to altitude, meteorology, etc.
Although all the familiar patterns are there, the pressure differentials of deep winter are lacking, hence barometric pressure change only slightly during the day, fresh winds are rare, and the general weather picture is controlled more by lower pressures than by high pressure cells.
"What's happening now is that the mayors are swamped with technical information like the velocity of the wind, the speed of the eye of the storm and the barometric pressure.
Nightly barometric pressure (kPa) and visibility (km) were calculated from hourly data recorded between 20:00 and 06:00 at the Vancouver International Airport station situated at 4 m elevation, 21 km south of Grouse Mountain.
"Weather changes made crappies move, especially those that included barometric pressure changes," Bonds said.