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ZKNew Zealand (aircraft registration prefix)
ZKCzech Republic (country code)
ZKZentralkomitee (German: Communist Party Administration)
ZKZur Kenntnisnahme (German: For Information)
ZKZero-Knowledge (cryptography)
ZKZambian Kwacha (national currency)
ZKBarrage Balloon (Navy Symbol)
ZKKite Balloon Squadron (US Navy)
ZKZillion Kajillion Rhymes (Eccentric Software)
ZKZaklyuchennyi (prisoner in former Soviet Union)
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ON GUARD: Harold Ted Turton on barrage balloon duty at Blews Street Park on July 11, 1941.
Stan recalled: "I worked at Castle Bromwich airfield, but used to travel all over Britain operating barrage balloons for paratroopers to jump off as part of their training.
It was temporarily wrenched from its perch during the Blitz, when it was entangled in the cable of a barrage balloon.
At weekends, the rangers will lead guided walks to areas of interest around the park, such as where the Spitfire crashed, the location of the air raid shelters and barrage balloon, the allotments and much more.
One of its wings had been severed when it struck the cable of the barrage balloon located in Ridgeacre Road, Quinton, causing the aircraft to crash.
Tom Willmore worked as a scientific officer during the Second World War, mainly on barrage balloon defences.
I happily accepted Billie Piper dangling from a barrage balloon over London during an air raid whilst wearing a Union Jack T-shirt like a target.
Left, |damage in Cardiff after an air raid; above a barrage balloon above Roath Park
"Across the road in the park was an anti-aircraft gun battery with a barrage balloon and searchlight.
October 16-October 21, 1940 Tragedy was never far away in wartime and a young Hurricane pilot from Baginton was killed when his plane crashed into a barrage balloon on October 16.
And the barrage balloon message was to celebrate the city's war effort.
A barrage balloon will fly above the Council House and Town Hall - and both buildings are to be surrounded by sandbags.