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BSLTBig Sur Land Trust
BSLTBasalt (lithological term)
BSLTBritish School of Leather Technology
BSLTBuffalo Springs Lake Triathlon (Lubbock, TX)
BSLTBeaconsfield School of Lawn Tennis (Beaconsfield, England, UK)
BSLTBilateral, Sequential Lung Transplant (medical procedure)
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This is the largest basalt flood map plotted till date.
The concert will go ahead with a specially recorded introduction by Conchita and Basalt and a film of their performance.
Basalt Infrastructure Partners II LP focuses on investments in utilities, energy and transport infrastructure in the United States, Canada and Europe.
Marathon Capital acted as exclusive financial advisor to Soltage in arranging the capital commitment from Basalt.
The Newcastle team has been able to identify a variety of organic compounds deposited in microscopic "tunnels" in basalt rocks recovered from the Ontong Java plateau in the Pacific Ocean.
Price parity is not the only benefit of basalt FRP, A-Lok notes.
And "we have enough basalt globally to take care of all anthropogenic C[O.
All selected soils are deep, basalt derived Bidar soil is moderately deep and the schist derived Hira and the limestone derived Shahabad soils are deep.
The basalt dusts used in the experiment differ with respect to granulometry (Figure 1) and were obtained from the company Ekosolos Industria Remineradora de Solos Ltda.
The basalts the rover examined are a new type, chemically different from those retrieved by the Apollo and Luna missions 40 years ago.
Mechanical goods is estimated to account for the largest share of total demand for basalt fibre.
Concrete fibers are categorized into varied material types based on their functionalities, such as synthetic, steel, glass, natural, and basalt fibers.