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B/LBeals, Lalonde and Associates (Ottawa, ON, Canada consulting group)
B/LBattery Limit
B/LBill of Lading
B/LBack Log
B/LBranched to Linear (ratio)
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For years, Baseline has served as the trusted source for entertainment data to help digital media companies, studios and agencies stay on top of a fast changing industry," said John Batter, CEO of Gracenote.
Baseline Data Services, LLC provides disaster recovery solutions, online data protection and virtual private servers to hundreds of companies, large and small, throughout the US.
Recommendation: To strengthen its baselines, facilitate external and independent reviews of those baselines, ensure effective oversight of the BMDS, and further improve transparency and accountability of its efforts, and to improve clarity, consistency, and completeness of the baselines reported to Congress, the Secretary of Defense should ensure that MDA, for schedule baselines, in meeting new statutory requirements to report on an acquisition baseline including a comprehensive schedule, include a comprehensive list of actual versus planned quantities of assets that are or were to be delivered each fiscal year.
To identify the most cost-effective window, comparison to the code baseline appears to make sense.
A multivariate analysis identified several baseline factors linked to a significantly higher rate of incident gout in both genders: age, obesity, heavy alcohol use, hypertension, and diuretic use.
Every product can show significant fluctuations on a weekly basis in the baseline volume without any change in retail pricing.
In regression analyses controlling for background and risk-related characteristics, males with a high level of depressive symptoms at baseline were significantly more likely than those with a low level to say at follow-up that they had engaged in at least one of the specified risk behaviors between interviews (odds ratio, 1.
An additional use for the well-documented baseline is continuity--a valued commodity where there is high personnel turnover.
Short-term benefits of supplementation have been noted in other studies, but "may be explained by a combination of older age, increased frailty, and significantly lower baseline 25-OHD levels in their participants," they observed.
At the beginning of Year 2, 72% of students from the Year 1 cohort had reenrolled, compared to 66% of LTS students from a comparable cohort from the baseline year--an indicator that the program helped students return to school.
The BaseLine 11 is designed to handle large capacities in heating and cooling duties in dairy, beverage, brewery, personal care and pharmaceutical applications.
3Com's comprehensive SMB solutions are distinguished by the enterprise-class features that 3Com has built into the easy-to-use products, including the recently announced 3Com Baseline Switch 2226-PWR Plus and 3Com NBX V3000 telephony system.