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BASKBinary Amplitude-Shift Keying (computing)
BASKBritish Association for Surgery of the Knee
BASKBay Area Sea Kayakers (San Francisco, CA)
BASKBefore and After School Kids (various locations)
BASKBlueshell ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) Survey Kit (diagnostic toolkit)
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HFN said the Bask acquisition will enable it to extend the Nanoheal platform to consumers, including management of home computers, mobile phones and tablets, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices.
Dianne Watson, D-Los Angeles - whose district includes the USC campus - shot back: ``I am here to bask in the triple victories'' of the Trojans, the women's volleyball team and the men's water polo team.
The second turtle may back off and find another spot to bask.
Two shaggy horses bask in the sun by the lone tree in the middle of a pasture between Coburg Road North and Interstate 5 north of Coburg on Monday.
After spending some time in the shady end of the gradient, lizards began to move back to the hot end, presumably to bask again; we measured their [T.
But he appears at the close of each evening to bask in standing ovations from packed City Center houses, filled with fans who finally appreciate this dance that has been on the cutting edge for four decades.
It's time to change our lifestyle, for those who are home bound or work from home, wake up early and bask in the sun, let the sun rays soak into our bodies and seep into our skin while we walk to shed off those extra pounds that we keep attracting like a magnet.
BASK TO BASICS Pictures of sharks taken with cheap camera
jpg" alt="Turtles bask in the sun on a hot summer day at Kiev zoo July 2, 2009.
Clearance work undertaken by the commission means there are now more southerly facing clearings where snakes can bask in the sun.