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BASKBinary Amplitude-Shift Keying (computing)
BASKBritish Association for Surgery of the Knee
BASKBay Area Sea Kayakers (San Francisco, CA)
BASKBefore and After School Kids (various locations)
BASKBlueshell ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) Survey Kit (diagnostic toolkit)
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And of course, always wear that smile - as the best way to beat the summer heat is to smile and bask under the sun while taking the best shot for posterity on social media.
HFN said the Bask acquisition will enable it to extend the Nanoheal platform to consumers, including management of home computers, mobile phones and tablets, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices.
Snapping turtles usually bask by floating on top of the water.
Two shaggy horses bask in the sun by the lone tree in the middle of a pasture between Coburg Road North and Interstate 5 north of Coburg on Monday.
When BLACK ENTERPRISE featured Johnson in November 1993, he had just begun to bask in the successes of his squid gun eureka, thanks to a deal with top toy manufacturer, Larami Limited, who birthed Johnson's brainchild.
After spending some time in the shady end of the gradient, lizards began to move back to the hot end, presumably to bask again; we measured their [T.sub.b] at that time as an estimate of the Resume Basking temperature.
Summary: Bask in traditional festive dishes from starters to desserts this Christmas and New Year
"Clearance work undertaken by the commission means there are now more southerly facing clearings where snakes can bask in the sun."
Sunlovers flocked to beaches across Wexford, Galway and Donegal as weathermen predicted we would bask in a torrid 86F today and tomorrow.
In nature, chameleons bask on branches in the forests of Kenya, Africa, and wait for insects, spiders, or other lizards to pass within reach of their long, sticky tongues.
To bask, you see, means "to warm oneself pleasantly." I admit, I have basked before and I will probably bask again.
And inside the blocks so formed, wholesome organic vegetables grow, rainwater is collected for re-use, solar panels bask in the sun and children play happily.