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BDBig Deal
BDBachelor of Divinity
BDBangladesh (top-level domain name)
BDBlu-ray Disc
BDBase de Datos (Spanish: Database)
BDBlack Diamond
BDBroker Dealer (securities firm)
BDBand (German: Volume [books])
BDBob Dylan (singer)
BDBelly Dance
BDBis in Die (Latin: twice a day)
BDBreak Down
BDBusiness Development
BDBipolar Disorder
BDBlock Diagram
BDBass Drum
BDBusiness Day
BDBradford (postcode, United Kingdom)
BDBreaking Dawn
BDBlue Diamond
BDBlack Dog (White-Wolf's game studio)
BDLa Bande Dessinee
BDBank Draft
BDBlack Dragon (gaming)
BDBack Door
BDBeaver Dam
BDBrain Damage (Pink Floyd song/fanzine)
BDBandes Dessinées (French: Comic Books)
BDBecton Dickinson and Company
BDBirth Defect
BDBearded Dragon
BDBlood Donation
BDBig Dig (Boston, MA, USA)
BDBlue Devils (drum and bugle corps; Concord, CA)
BDBen Davis (High School)
BDBile Duct
BDBone Dry
BDBritish Midland (IATA airline code)
BDBarrels per Day
BDBob Dole
BDBuilding Department
BDBinomial Distribution
BDBlueDragon (computer parsing engine)
BDBluetooth Device
BDBehavior Disorder
BDBen Drowned (Creepypasta)
BDBomb Disposal
BDBastardidentro (Italian video)
BDBondage & Discipline
BDBinary to Decimal
BDBeedi (Indian cigar)
BDBible Dictionary
BDBody Development (gaming)
BDBehcet's Disease
BDBirth Doula (childbirth)
BDBig Dawg
BDBlack Disciples (gang; Chicago, IL)
BDBaron Davis (NBA Player)
BDBug Detector (electronics)
BDBrought Down
BDBase de Donnée (French: Database)
BDbudget deficit
BDBinary Digit
BDBody Density (body compostion analysis)
BDBills Discounted
BDBaby Dance (trying to get pregnant)
BDBig Detroit
BDBanda Desenhada (Comic Books)
BDBase Damage
BDBetterdays (band)
BDBig Dummy (cycling; Surly)
BDBroken Dreams
BDBoard Diagnostics
BDBlowing Dust (weather reports)
BDBulk Density
BDBahraini Dinar (unit of currency)
BDBrood War (game)
BDBoot Drive
BDBiological Defense
BDBronchodilator (respiratory airflow)
BDBarrel Distortion (video distortion)
BDBoulder Dash (computer game)
BDBrand Development
BDBirth Dad (adoption)
BDBonner Durchmusterung (astronomy)
BDBritish Midland Airlines (airline IATA code)
BDBirth Daughter
BDBilling Domain
BDBerne Declaration (Switzerland)
BDBaker's Dozen
BDBuffer Descriptor (PowerPC CPM)
BDBuildings Department
BDBroder Daniel (band)
BDBy Direction
BDBrownian Dynamics
BDBinary Discrete
BDBinary Divide
BDBootable Disk
BDBaby's Daddy (denotes a father of a child who is not married to the mother)
BDBase Deficit (acid-base balance)
BDBranch Davidian (cult)
BDBombardment Division
BDBiomedical Diagnostics
BDBlade Dancer (game Lineage2)
BDBattlefield Distribution
BDBattlefield Digitization
BDButane Diol
BDBinary Dump
BDBaseline Description
BDBinary Decoder
BDBypass Diode
BDBase-Down Prism (ophthalmology)
BDBus Director
BDBuried Distribution
BDBase-Line Design
BDBallast Deck (railroad bridges)
BDBeginning Descent
BDBritish Dressage Ltd (UK)
BDBranch Deletion
BDBiennial Declaration
BDBiodiagnóstico SA (Guatemala, private lab)
BDBalcony Drain (plumbing)
BDBachelor of Drama
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It seems like it's evolving from just you with a bass drum, playing guitar--where do you see it two years from now?
He would play his hi-hat and hit his elbow on his knee, and that would set off his bass drum.
The Sonata requires six timpani (ideally in the following sizes: 32", 29", 26", 26", 23", and 20"), but Maves suggests that if the smallest and largest sizes are unavailable a tuned tom-tom or bass drum may be substituted, respectively.
Snare and bass drums of the concert and marching bands in New Orleans provided a base to which, from 1900 to 1930, other accessories or "trappings" - hence the name traps - were added.
I started banging on the congas, bass drum and frying pans.
The thundering boom of a bass drum The rat-tat-tat of a snare drum.
Tenders are invited for purchase of band instruments and equipment, includes 8 ea of championship maple ffx snare drum 14", 4 ea of championship maple shallow cut quints, 1 ea of championship maple bass drum 16", 1 ea of championship maple bass drum 18", 8 ea of snare drum rehearsal cover 14", see linked file.
Genevieve Laurenceau is a soloist of often melting sweetness, and the orchestral sound is rich (though the hair-raising bass drum accompanying the violin's spiral into giddiness at the end seems under-powered).
THE iconic bass drum skin used on the cover of The Beatles' 1967 album Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band sold for pounds 541,250 at auction yesterday.
Past sets have been so wild their drummer put the pedal through his bass drum - and this weekend's was no calmer.
Sampling Bruce Haack's School For Robots and Guru Guru's Immer Lustig, it's driven by a hypnotic bass drum and you'll soon be hearing it everywhere.