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I did more errands for the beachmaster, becoming assistant beachmaster.
Then he took our man to Beachmaster's office in Worksop where he put the details in a computer, took his ID photo and issued him with his licence.
The beachmaster control unit managed activities in the transport landing ship beaching area, a function analogous to the port director.
Custom modifications are available, and the Beachmaster comes with a one-year warranty.
The Beachmaster Control Unit controlled beaching and retracting all tank landing ships (LSTs) in the LST beaching area (Green Beaches 1 and 2; see map 4), a function analogous to that of the port director.
* Naval Beach Group One from San Diego, California, with its subordinate Navy Amphibious Construction Battalion One, its Navy Beachmaster Unit One, and the Army's 24th Transportation Battalion from Fort Eustis, Virginia, which collectively executed the ship-to-shore, in-stream offload actions and constructed the temporary piers and causeways.
During the Anzio landings he was a beachmaster and received the MBE and was mentioned in despatches.
Upon landing at Anzio Beach, the group received a capabilities briefing from the operations officer of Beachmaster Unit 2, and saw a demonstration of an LCU Landing and the LARC Platoon.
SN Deltravis Williams, assigned to Beachmaster Unit (BMU) 2, directs a Landing Craft Air Cushioned (LCAC) ashore in Pureto Rico while participating in training exercises.
Duty assignments included Defense Logistics Agency Systems Automation Center, Columbus, Ohio; Defense Personnel Support Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Navy Resale System Office, Brooklyn, New York; Commander Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; USS Bryce Canyon (AD 36); Naval Construction Battalion Center, Port Hueneme, California; Naval Station, Adak, Alaska; Naval Clothing and Textile Research Unit, Natick, Massachusetts; USS Fort Mandan (LSD 21); Beachmaster Unit ONE, Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, San Diego, California; and USS Washtenaw County (LST1166).
"They pushed ashore with little fire until about 200 yards up the beach when all hell broke loose, and the Beachmaster Major R J L Jackson of the 6th Battalion Green Howards was hit badly in the leg," wrote John.
As Beachmaster, Gemma will manage the Beach team at the Paralympics.