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BEARSBrown Electronic Article Review Service (moral and political philosophy; Brown University; Providence, RI)
BEARSBonds Enabling Annual Retirement Savings
BEARSBoeing Employees Amateur Radio Society
BEARSBerkeley Experiments with Accelerated Radioactive Species (Lawrence Berkeley Labs)
BEARSBatch Error Analysis Reporting System (Sprint)
BEARSBudget Entry and Reporting System (Virginia)
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This ice platform is shrinking, which means that the bears must cover longer distances between ice and land.
ITEM: "The way I live today contributes to global warming's effect on the poor in Africa, as well as the impending demise of polar bears," writes columnist Pius Kamau in the Denver Post for January 10.
Thursday when he saw a 6-foot black bear staring back at him.
On subsequent farm visits, Robinson witnessed the staff extracting bile from bears by unplugging metal catheters that had been permanently inserted into their gallbladders.
Ron Suresha, author of Bears on Bears (Alyson Books), a compilation of interviews with bears, says some progress has occurred but not enough: "The bear image is still largely confined to being appreciated by the homo-masculine gay populace.
Though kermode bears are normally black, thanks to a genetic quirk (unrelated to albinism), a number of them are born with all-white fur.
Louisiana black bears use trees for food and denning.
Back's work is impressionist and painterly, typifying the strengths he brought to bear on his acclaimed stained glass piece in Montreal's Place des Arts subway station.
Stafford and other Department biologists who study black bears tell amazing stories about things bears have eaten.
In the 1990s, black bears averaged killing three people a year and seriously injuring about a dozen.
The bears are formed and sculpted in a Valencia studio and cost $2,500 each when sold to participating towns.
His team thus identified the last 15 or so brown bears still surviving in the Pyrenees.