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BATBBird and the Bee (band)
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BATBBeat around the Bush
BATBBattle at the Boardwalk (Atlantic City, NJ; mixed martial arts)
BATBBeauty and the Beast
BATBBack At the Board
BATBBrave and the Bold (comic)
BATBBattle at the Berrics (skateboarding competition)
BATBBold and the Beautiful (TV show)
BATBBash At the Beach
BATBBook Across the Bay (ski event; Wisconsin)
BATBBack at the Barnyard (TV series)
BATBBreathing Apparatus Training Building (firefighting)
BATBBeehive and the Barracudas (band)
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But Barilla doesn't beat around the bush. None of that "made with whole grain" or "good source of whole grain" or other deceptive baloney.
I guess I will not beat around the bush. I think the March/April 2007 issue was a pile of garbage.
Black Country MP John Spellar didn't beat around the bush when he laid the blame squarely on greedy lawyers.
They are more honest and don't beat around the bush. They let you know what they want and it makes it easier to do business.
"We don't beat around the bush (with our students) when it comes to what's going on in the business--or, more to the point, what's not going on in the business," Wayne A.
She is not the sort to beat around the bush. Roy's aim, when she speaks to packed audiences or writes her incisive essays, is a straightforward one: to expose injustice, to explain why this or that indignity is being visited upon this or that community, and then to exhort us to mobilize, unite and fight back.
'He certainly doesn't beat around the bush. He tells you like it is and as a player that is all you can really ask for from a manager.'
Researchers may equally discount debriefers who beat around the bush or simply concur with every opinion.
Although Sawyer has never before been explicitly out--she has, however, been shown cuddling with female partner Toby on multiple occasions--Gotham Central writer Greg Rucka says his story won't beat around the bush, as it were.
I won't beat around the bush with you about it, uh, Randy, that's just what I did about ten minutes ago.
Do not beat around the bush when delivering the message.