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BATBBird and the Bee (band)
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BATBBeat around the Bush
BATBBattle at the Boardwalk (Atlantic City, NJ; mixed martial arts)
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BATBBash At the Beach
BATBBook Across the Bay (ski event; Wisconsin)
BATBBack at the Barnyard (TV series)
BATBBreathing Apparatus Training Building (firefighting)
BATBBeehive and the Barracudas (band)
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Although Sawyer has never before been explicitly out--she has, however, been shown cuddling with female partner Toby on multiple occasions--Gotham Central writer Greg Rucka says his story won't beat around the bush, as it were.
I won't beat around the bush with you about it, uh, Randy, that's just what I did about ten minutes ago.
No need to beat around the bush here: this is one of the finer overall combinations of performance and sound this warhorse has ever received, rivaled for audiophile honors chiefly by Serebrier's account on Reference Recordings.
Smith doesn't beat around the bush either-especially when it comes to one of D.
So if you are interested and you a male, or a woman who buys for her man, then let's not beat around the bush.
Job listens: the Lord God beats around the bush, for the Lord God wishes to beat around the bush.
She doesn't beat around the bush with students, parents, or anyone else.
Sayings such as, "Don't beat around the bush," "Get to the point," "Put your cards on the table," and "Tell it like it is" all are idioms that reinforce the same message.
Most coaches keep their cards close to their chest but Guiao didn't beat around the bush when asked who intends to select.
The London Fire Brigade did not beat around the bush in a (http://www.
I'm not going to beat around the bush because I've made it clear that my wish is to return to the Premier League," he told the Derry Journal.
Mar 21-Apr20 ARIES LIKE all those born under Aries, you don't beat around the bush.