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BECMGBecoming (meteorological charts)
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ILM is becoming the preferred and over-arching storage management discipline of the future dealing with data from cradle to grave.
was archdeacon of Western Quebec and of Carleton, rector of Christ Church Cathedral and dean of Ottawa, where he served for nine years before becoming bishop in 1999
It is no wonder that when all five Brown siblings of Alpine, Utah, were accepted to study at Juilliard, the family became an instant phenomenon and are quickly becoming a familiar name throughout the country.
She became interested in organic inspection when she found herself becoming disenchanted with the work she had been doing, product development for various companies.
Although the indiscriminate affirmation of love and empty displays of affection may not permit growth to either the character or reader, the love that is empathy, that is the emotional transfer embodied within artistry itself, is far from futile, becoming, as the narrator's imagery suggests, an almost erotic exchange of feeling and sensation.
ANA is becoming more and more cooperative with us now that we have started to do some of the work in house, which I consider a victory of perseverance," Sawada says.
This cry for a glimpse of the ineffable is becoming increasingly audible as a public voice in the canyons of our urban environments.
Without constantly scrutinizing your core competencies, the way you do things, how your customer defines you, then you aren't becoming better.
In Become a Recognized Authority in Your Field--in 60 Days or Less, Bly writes that "there is one marketing strategy that, if you master it, eliminates the need to do any other type of selling or marketing ever: becoming a guru.
Surgical procedures are supposed to be successful, so when they do go wrong it must be the doctor's fault, and following the pattern of the United States, we are becoming more litigious.
I really don't enjoy it, but I'm willing to start classes if it will increase my chances of becoming a choreographer.