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BEGSBritish and European Geranium Society (Northants, England)
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In the meantime, all persons concerned had her full forgiveness, to which she would only beg leave to add her best and kindest wishes for the success of the play.
No, no, I beg your pardon,' retorted the Old Soldier.
If you're angry with me for laughing, I beg your pardon.
de Villefort, and begs me to present him to your majesty.
Yes, many a decent fellow whose labour may be disproportionate to its utility pulls the forelock to no one, and begs his bread of no one.
Monsieur Laporte," said D'Artagnan, "go and announce to the people through the grating that they are going to be satisfied and that in five minutes they shall not only see the king, but they shall see him in bed; add that the king sleeps and that the queen begs that they will keep silence, so as not to awaken him.
When Achilles saw him thus weeping he was sorry for him and said, "Why, Patroclus, do you stand there weeping like some silly child that comes running to her mother, and begs to be taken up and carried--she catches hold of her mother's dress to stay her though she is in a hurry, and looks tearfully up until her mother carries her--even such tears, Patroclus, are you now shedding.
At all events the circumstance shows that she is an absolute slave to the Frenchman, since she actually begs my pardon in the note--actually begs my pardon
My mother lives on public charity, my sister begs for my mother; I have, somewhere or other, brothers who equally beg for themselves; and I, the eldest, will go and do as all the rest do -- I will go and ask charity
Madame de Cintre begs you will kindly wait," she said.
The fault of Anne is that she begs your pardon when she hears you perfectly, and kicks the chair-legs with her feet.
this was so short and sharp that Rose started, and Charlie added in a calmer but still very haughty tone: "A gentleman always begs pardon when he has been rude to a lady, but one man doesn't apologize to another man who has insulted him.