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BLBill of Lading
BLBritish Library (London, England)
BLBasel-Landschaft (canton postcode, Switzerland)
BLBasel Land (Basel Country; Suisse Half Canton)
BLBoys' Life (Boy Scouts of America magazine)
BLBlind (flange)
BLBoys' Love (anime)
BLBloco (Portuguese: block; postal usage)
BLBlessed (title of a beatified person)
BLBlowing (METAR descriptor)
BLBaltic (linguistics)
BLBottom Line
BLBorderlands (gaming)
BLBlake Lively (actress)
BLBlack Love
BLBin Laden
BLBolton (postcode, United Kingdom)
BLBelluno (Veneto, Italy)
BLBig Lots (retail store sales quantity)
BLBruce Lee
BLBoundary Layer
BLBody Language
BLBlack Lagoon (Anime)
BLBoston Legal (US TV series)
BLBad Luck (chat)
BLBachelor of Letters (Bachelor of Arts - Japan)
BLBuddy List
BLBuilding Line (construction)
BLBig Leaf (plant physiology)
BLBush League
BLBud Light (beer)
BLBritish Leyland
BLBell Labs (Bell Telephone Laboratories)
BLBusiness Logic
BLBlockland (gaming)
BLBelly Laugh
BLBurkitt's Lymphoma
BLBart's and The London (School of Medicine and Dentistry, UK)
BLBeam Line
BLBe Late
BLBurkitt Lymphoma
BLBut Last (Hyper Logo command)
BLBlast Load
BLBlack Lung (Social Security)
BLBody Lift (automotive)
BLBasal Lamina (biology)
BLBoylover (used by pedophiles)
BLBiosafety Level
BLBreech Loading
BLBudget Line
BLBreaking Load (engineering)
BLBit Line (computer memory)
BLBlood Lust (gaming)
BLBarrister-at-Law (UK)
BLBonney Lake (Washington)
BLBlack Lotus (gaming, Magic The Gathering)
BLBattle Lab
BLBachelor of Law
BLBorderline Lepromatous (leprosy)
BLBig Log
BLBasic Load (ammunition)
BLBolaffi (philatelic dealers)
BLBiocontainment Level (US DoD)
BLBishops Lydeard (UK railway station)
BLBats Left (baseball)
BLBeastlord (gaming, Everquest)
BLBattery Limit
BLBachelier en Loisirs (Bachelor of Leisure Studies)
BLBuried Layer
BLBurnlist (social networking game)
BLBoys Latin School of Maryland (Baltimore)
BLBereichsleiter/In (German: Director General)
BLBeauty Leopard (Geely sports car model)
BLBronzen Leeuw (Dutch)
BLButt Line
BLButtock Line
BLBend Loss
BLBinder Library
BLBattle-Lemarie (wavelet families)
BLBroken Loop
BLBlock Formatter
BLBeautiful Lineswoman (Seinfeld TV show)
BLBeta Lamda
BLBridge Latch
BLBattle Laboratories
BLBell Logger
BLBibliography of the Lepidoptera
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For those that stayed the whole hour, there were half-a-dozen chuckles, a couple of laughs and one belly laugh.
The idea, which would rescue a club that has represented the town since 1902 and benefits the wider community the council purports to represent, was met with a belly laugh by the official concerned.
The dark comedy, which never quite grabs a belly laugh, revolves around Po's trek into a secluded mountain community that hasn't seen a stranger since the American Civil War.
APRIL 09 LONDON Not such a belly laugh for Gervais SEPT 09 TORONTO Looking trimmer.
Hazel will still host the Winter Olympics and snooker, which gives her "at least two belly laughs a day".
Third time's most certainly a charm for Pixar because Toy Story 3 surpasses the 1995 original and its 1999 sequel for thrills, spills, belly laughs and even tears, delivering the most satisfying journey of the rootin' tootin' trilogy.
There are some moments that might make you smile, but don't expect any huge belly laughs.
aside from being a great hollywood blockbuster, filled with amazing action scenes, it also offers plenty of belly laughs along the way.
MICHAEL MCINTYRE'S EASTER NIGHT AT THE COLISEUM BBC1 8pm Why not crack open another Easter egg and settle in for belly laughs with the comedian (right) and his superstar guests.
Four characters dangle precariously from their perches on the Hollywood power ladder in Neil LaBute's "The Money Shot," an acid-tongued showbiz satire that makes up in belly laughs and inspired performances what it lacks in nuance or novelty.
However, you would be wise to put that niggling thought to the back of your mind and tune in to ITV2's latest effort - because you won't be disappointed, as it brings on the belly laughs.