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BMARKBench Mark (Sprint)
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For example, it is insufficient to bench mark and then act on rep attrition statistics without understanding the drivers of that attrition.
The known bench marks were therefore bench mark C 36, stabilised in Medvode and bench mark HE8 in Bostanj.
Forty-five percent of the capacity of the total capacity of the bench mark is contained in ASU-1.
None of the West Midland universities reached their bench mark figure with Aston and UCE missing by five per cent and Coventry and Wolverhampton by four per cent.
Under California law, the 10-year bench mark is crucial for distribution of assets.
We found it convenient to use one corner of the plot as a bench mark, locating the other two bench marks at 15 m and 20 m along the two neighboring sides and carefully adjusting the points to create a 3-4-5 right triangle (i.
In response to this dearth in curriculum, Bench Mark Group -- an educational consulting, training and publishing firm -- introduced a series of books aimed at teaching these skills.
The goal is to have the database accepted as the national bench mark for subacute outcomes.
The church, which owns millions of square feet in the immediate area, outbid the competition establishing a new bench mark of $43 per square foot for a downtown Manhattan office building.
Shah Farid-ul-Haq, acting president Jamiat-ul-Ulema Pakistan (JUP) has demanded total withdrawal of export duty on yarn and increase in the bench mark to Rs.