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Jean Schook, the associate vice chancellor for finance at the UA, had previously done her own investigation, and she had given Sharp zero benefit of the doubt. In fact, Schook concluded that the transaction was "an intentional effort to disguise a prior year accounts receivable that had not been cleared" and a "misdirection of funds."
"Our view is that we should give them time, not at our cost, of course, but that we should give them the benefit of the doubt.
To give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they have a problem with their hearing.
Marina goes on to say that she had hoped that Jewish viewers would give her daughter the benefit of the doubt. Since when have people watching reality television given anyone the benefit of the doubt?
CBI director general Richard Lambert said the Budget, expected later this month, is coming at a "pivotal" moment for the economy, adding: "Investors are clearly jittery about sovereign debt, but are prepared to give the UK the benefit of the doubt until after the election."
We're going to give Vibskov the benefit of the doubt on this one because the spiky beard print he designed is zig-zagged genius.
And there was me willing to give this dumb blonde the benefit of the doubt.
What has happened to the benefit of the doubt? What is the point of any competitive team game if a player is given out mistakenly, as many seem to be, in recent years.
Give your boyfriend the benefit of the doubt, but keep an eye on his actions--which speak louder than words.
Vets are often forced into getting a lawyer when the VA refuses to give them the benefit of the doubt regarding issues like date of injury/claim reported to the VA.
Women need to be given the same benefit of the doubt regarding gun experience as men.
Now, prudent D&O underwriters may no longer be in a position to give companies the benefit of the doubt.