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BZBautzen (german auto license plate)
BZBerliner Zeitung (German: Berlin Times)
BZBrillouin Zone
BZBelousov-Zhabotinsky (reaction; thermodynamics)
BZBlutzucker (German: Blood Sugar)
BZBenzimidazole (organic compound)
BZBelow Zero
BZBenzodiazepine (class of sedative drugs)
BZBravo Zulu (term for Good Job/Well Done)
BZBolzano - Bozen (Trentino Alto Adige, Italy)
BZBuffer Zone
BZBenzilic Acid
BZBreathing Zone
BZBraunschweiger Zeitung (German newspaper)
BZ3-Quinuclidinyl Benzilate
BZBattle Zone
BZBone Zone
BZBeach Zone
BZBronx Zoo (New York)
BZBelow Zone
BZBranch on Zero (IBM)
BZBacitracin Zinc (antibiotic)
BZBundesamt für Zulassungen in der Telekommunikation
BZBionicle Zone
BZBleedzao (discussion forum)
BZBuckled Zones
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The third benzimidazole, thiabendazole (Mintezol), was not teratogenic in mice, rats, or rabbits at doses equal to the human dose, but birth defects were seen when it was suspended in olive oil, indicating that it may pose a danger when the patient has a fatty diet.
Each will rapidly and inexpensively detect a specific benzimidazole, such as fenbendazole, in concentrations as low as 1 part per billion.
americanus Benzimidazole Resistance and [beta]-Tubulin SNP Changes
Keywords: Benzimidazole, Sulfonamides, N-tosyl benzimidazoles, Anticancer activity, Antitumor activity, Urease inhibitory activity, Antibacterial activity, X-ray crystallography
Synthesis and antioxidant properties of novel N-methyl-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-amine and 4-methyl-2H-1,2,4-triazole-3(4H)-thione derivatives of benzimidazole class.
For the control of nematode parasite infection in animals as well as in human, benzimidazole drugs are used which have high safety margins, broad spectrum activity, and used in wide range of host Benzimidazole drugs have been used in livestock sector for the last 30 years.
In this study, [[Mn[(CO).sub.3](bpy)(L)].sup.+] (bpy: 2,2-bipyridyl, L: imidazole, methylimidazole, benzimidazole) complexes that were synthesized/characterized previously (Fig.
Keeping in view importance of sorption studies of pesticides, the present study focuses on adsorption desorption characteristics of benzimidazole based fungicide Benomyl on selected agricultural soils of Pakistan.
Experimental infections in cattle and sheep with haemonchus contortus resistant or susceptible to benzimidazole treatments.