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Business and technology support for companies, investors and scientific institutions in Berlin - this is the Berlin partner for Economy & Technology GmbH mission.
Nashoba Associated Boards of Health, in conjunction with the Berlin Board of Health, will offer blood pressure, pulse screening and diet education.
VAR of Berlin East Side Gallery (AFPTV, Berlin, June 2011)
Second division soccer clubs Hertha and Union Berlin, top basketball club Alba Berlin, ice hockey champions Eisbaeren Berlin, handball's Fuechse Berlin and Berlin Recycling (BR) Volleys make up the group.
With the commencement of its winter 2010/11 schedule in November 2010, Air Berlin will provide the only non-stop connection between Dubai and the German capital, Berlin.
The year 2007 marked the tenth anniversary of the death of Isaiah Berlin, the political philosopher and historian of ideas, legendary conversationalist and elegant essayist, and above all renowned defender of liberty.
Former city Planning Board member Carolyn Berlin took third with 3,258 and her husband, Phil, a former Bob Hope Airport commissioner, placed fourth with 2,946.
Air Berlin launched a thrice-weekly Nurnberg-Moscow Domodedovo service.
Berlin is most famously known for the Berlin Wall and the 1936 Berlin Olympics in which Jesse Owen won four gold medals and shamed Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party.
But the visitor's statement probably wouldn't sit well with the Berlin city planners whose heavily subsidized efforts to make the city the economic capital of the European Union have faltered.
Professor Josef Paul Kleihues, who died in Berlin on 13 August, will be remembered for his devotion to the intellectual concept and physical form of the European city and, in particular, Berlin's development after German reunification in 1990.
To help students understand the history behind the Berlin Wall, which divided East and West Germany and the city of Berlin for 28 years and served as a symbol of East-West tensions during the Cold War.