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2720Bestiality (police radio code; New Zealand)
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The woman - a 48-year-old separated mother from Co Limerick who was not named in court - died in hospital hours after engaging in an act of bestiality with the animal, gardai said.
Judge John Devaux was told that 28 of the images on CDs contained pictures classed by the law as ``level five'' -material containing scenes of sadism or bestiality involving children.
Bestiality is an animal cruelty offense according to Colorado law, but sex with animals was allowed under the same set of laws until 2007, reports said.
A NORTHERN Ireland peer yesterday labelled gay sex as "deviant" behaviour close to "bestiality".
The pictures were part of a display by Barmouth artist Charlotte Rowley called Guardian Angels and Bestiality.
Police said they found a total of 171 images of bestiality, which also included ten images that allegedly showed Taylor performing oral sex on one of the dogs, county attorney Nael Abouzaki said in court, according to reports.
They included 18 bestiality pictures and 339 movie files, again across the whole range with 21 movies relating to bestiality.
Two contained film classed as ``sadism or bestiality'' Ipswich Crown Court heard.
In an interview with liberal commentator Bill Press on (https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4682986/roy-moore-2005-bill-press) C-SPAN2's After Words , the former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court also seemingly compared homosexual sex to bestiality.
A bestiality video was found at his home and he must sign the sex offenders' register after admitting sexual assault.
Deborah Gardner, a clerk for Suffolk General District Court, informed IBT Tuesday of the Patterson's conviction status for allegedly committing bestiality. Gardener said, "We do not have any charges for Richard or Christina Patterson in our system as of today."
A PERVERT was released on bail yesterday after he pleaded guilty to more than 30 charges of having indecent images of children - including scenes of bestiality.