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IFNBInternational Federation of Naked Bodybuilding
IFNBIntermediarios Financieros No Bancarios (Spanish: Non-Bank Financial Intermediaries)
IFNBInstituciones Financieras No Bancarias (Spanish: Non-Bank Financial Institutions; economics)
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We don't know what NICE will finally recommend on beta-interferon and other MS drugs.
He and his wife Julie, 48, are devastated that he was refused beta-interferon.
The subject of a public contract gradual delivery of various drugs, infusion solutions, measures to decontaminate the skin and mucous membranes, and the formulation of interferon beta-interferon beta-1B and 1A, in line with the current needs of the hospital.
She said: "The awareness is growing all the time and yet it still seems so insignificant to whoever is making the decision on the beta-interferon.
One hundred grams of beta-interferon are required annually to treat multiple sclerosis, generating revenues of approximately $500 million.
One London consultant said yesterday: "we are very fearful that beta-interferon will not be given the green light.
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