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BLNTBetter Luck Next Time
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"He was a cheerful man, poor soul; and thoughtful of us, too: he never came in and stared at meal-times; the rest of 'em help us, and scold us -- all he ever said was, better luck next time." So they stood and talked of him, and looked at his house and grounds and moved off clumsily by twos and threes, with the dim sense that the sight of his pleasant face would never comfort them again.
"I took that to heart, 'better luck next time,' so when the second team training class came around, I went through that one," Wilson said.
Plate umpire Jeff Kellogg patted Hosmer on the chest as if to say, better luck next time.
Blaydon MP Dave Anderson, who nominated the restaurant, said: "Jamdani has done well even if they didn't this time reach the Grand Final, and better luck next time. But the honour is still a testament to the efforts of all staff and their regulars."
However, Akram said that if Australia or England lost a match then they probably resign themselves to their fate and say 'never mind, better luck next time'.
Better Luck Next Time!" But Ryan, 27, Corrie's Jason Grimshaw, retaliated by spraying "WAG" and "Unlucky" in shaving foam on Brooke's pounds 30,000 black Mercedes and tweeted a picture.
If not, better luck next time. But you know it's just gonna get rougher and tougher with each year.
So to those of you who went ahead and relied on our cheat sheet to make your pool choices, well, better luck next time: We only managed to go five for ten.
"Better luck next time." This night, Shorty never stopped laughing.
"I think she was a bit more adventurous than I was, at the end "Oh well, better luck next time. I won the title in all junior age groups; hopefully I'll win this one too."
She notes, approvingly, that they "almost achieved a win." Better luck next time!
Better luck next time. While people were blinking, House Republicans whipped up a bill that offers an estate tax cut to 8,200 of America's richest families, a jackpot averaging $1.3 million per family.
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