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The second species, Chelobasis bicolor, feeds only on four host plants in the family Heliconiaceae (Garcia-Robledo, Erickson, Staines, Erwin, & Kress, 2013; Schmitt & Frank, 2013).
The Streptaxidae Gray, 1860 family includes the Huttonella Pfeiffer, 1856 genus with Hutonella bicolor (Hutton, 1834) as its type species.
The Brazilian eucalypt pruner, Chalcodermus bicolor Fiedler (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), causes high levels of damage to the Brazilian eucalypt plantations (Souza et al.
bicolor leaves were obtained from a commercial farmland in Shanghai, China.
Bicolor) were obtained from private farm of Bissar "Violette" nurseries at Ras El-Soda, Alexandria, where they were imported from Holland.
In Algeria, some authors have committed themselves in examination of prey's fragments which surround the Cataglyphis bicolor's nests entry, another species belonging to the same genus [11,12,13,14].
These plants offer an array of showy, brightly colored flowers in white, vivid red, pink, purple and bicolor.