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However, the Third Division explained that "she did not a file a motion for a bill of particulars with this Court or a petition of similar nature with the Supreme Court.
7(a), applicable in supreme and county court actions, requires that any "motion relating to disclosure or to a bill of particulars [be accompanied by] an affirmation that counsel has conferred with counsel for the opposing party in a good faith effort to resolve the issues raised by the motion.
The record, a bill of particulars, was not received in time to be filed in the Webster County Clerk of Court's office by the deadline.
His lawyers had earlier asked for a one-week postponement of the arraignment because they have not yet received the bill of particulars or list of detailed evidence on the case but the court rejected their plea.
Her bill of particulars is familiar: too much bad news, too much violence, too much stereotyping, too much preoccupation with the abnormal and atypical, too much infotainment, too little public service.
Let them, in turn, stand as a bill of particulars against his stewardship of the Supreme Court's tradition.
For example, in Ward's description of events leading to the resignation of James Robinson at American Express, he accepts the view widely publicized by the media that Rollie Warner was justified in his bill of particulars against Robinson.
The bill of particulars against the UN is simple: It wastes a lot of money supplying an easy life for bureaucratic parasites, and it accomplishes little to nothing of value.
The White House received the Bill of Particulars in September and did not respond to it until the morning of the beginning of the Means-Banks trial in early January.
Furthermore, Reyes said the prosecution's opposition to her motion was silent on Tang's alleged 'inconsistent positions' when the presiding justice 'erroneously' ruled that Enrile did not take any action when the prosecution submitted the Bill of Particulars that the former secured from the Supreme Court.
Her scheduled pre-trial for the plunder case linked to the pork barrel scam involving her former boss will proceed after the Sandiganbayan Third Division turned down with finality her request to wait for the bill of particulars or details of the case.