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BILlBwrdd Iechyd Lleol (Welsh: Local Health Board)
BILLBeer Industry League of Louisiana
BILLBainbridge Island Little League (Washington)
BILLBofors Infantry Light and Lethal Anti-Tank Missile (Sweden)
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However, we'll find him a billet where he can't possibly do any mischief.
If you found him a billet where I should like to see him," Surgeon-Major Thomson observed bitterly, "he would never do any more mischief in this world
The Prince looked narrowly at the superscription, and then at the seal, placed so as to secure the flex-silk with which the billet was surrounded, and which bore the impression of three fleurs-de-lis.
Recovering from the first effects of his surprise, he took Waldemar Fitzurse and De Bracy aside, and put the billet into their hands successively.
For you, monsieur," said Planchet, presenting the billet to the young man.
Lucie shuddered as he threw two more billets into his basket, but it was impossible to be there while the wood-sawyer was at work, and not be in his sight.
You are two friends of mine who are in want of a billet, and what could be more natural than that I should bring you both round to the managing director?
Didn't know anything about any of the billets, but said that he was willing to learn.
This is one of the bons mots of Alexander VI, and refers to the ease with which Charles VIII seized Italy, implying that it was only necessary for him to send his quartermasters to chalk up the billets for his soldiers to conquer the country.
If they regretted having to retreat, it was only because they had to leave billets they had grown accustomed to, or some pretty young Polish lady.
Billets are the input material for many long steel products, including rebars, SteelAsia said.
EGA employs the Vertical Direct Chill method known as Air Slip Casting - the latest design in billet casting technology.