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BINBuy It Now (eBay)
BINBadan Intelijen Negara (State Intelligence Agency, Indonesia)
BINBelgisch Instituut voor Normalisatie (Dutch: Belgian Institute for Standardisation; Belgium)
BINBridging Integrator
BINBerkeley Information Network (Berkeley, CA)
BINBonheur Intérieur Net (French; economic and social index)
BINBenefit Identification Number (pharmacy routing, Medicare)
BINBusiness and Information Network
BINBFTT Information Network
BINBinary (File Name Extension)
BINBrothertown Indian Nation
BINBank Identification Number
BINBrain Injury Network
BINBusiness Industrial Network (training; various locations)
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Depending upon the initial spin direction, this torque will either slow the rotation and eventually reverse its direction, or it will speed it up so high that a rubble-pile asteroid will fission, forming a binary.
Before the groups of stars disperse, binary stars move through their birth sites and the group studied how they interact with other stars gravitationally.
3] introduced an algebra (X; *, [less than or equal to], 0) with a binary operation * and a nullary operation 0.
Foreign Exchange - Binary Financial can advise Welsh importers and exporters with all their foreign exchange needs and exposures, whatever the size of the company and amount involved.
The combination of attachment space (1) and detachment space (0) results in three quantum space phases: miscible space, binary partition space, or binary lattice space for four-dimensional space-time.
Borrowing the concept of "polycentrism" from Walter Laqueur and Samir Amin, and employing poststructuralism, postmodernism, postcolonial theory, and feminism, Hogue deconstructs the white/black binary and its naturalizing logic, and astutely shows how the dyad has been kept in place--through different, though similar mechanisms across cultures and within their own idioms.
010 Editor uses a new technology called Binary Templates to separate a binary file into a series of elements.
The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) said the optical-infrared telescope located on Hawaii Island's 4,205-meter Mauna Kea confirmed the binary system near HD 130948A, a bright fixed star some 58 light years from Earth, with its adaptive optics (AO) system last May.
In contrast, binary economics makes the equity or justice issue the focus of its reason for being.
The binary CAM, NetCAM B-128K, joins the ternary CAM, NetCAM T-32K, to complete the family of NetCAM embedded memories.
11) but as socially constructed in binary opposition to the concept of homosexuality.
spots in the tracks, usually called pits, that represent binary 1s and "lands" (spaces without pits) that represent 1s