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Binding energy and relative contribution to the Cls peak area obtained by conventional XPS analysis.
By fitting, it can be concluded that the binding energy of the peak position and curve peak area of Fe element in corrosion solution of steel bar in chloride salt solution are shown in Table 3, the relative content of [Fe.sub.3][O.sub.4] is 39.9%, and the relative content of FeOOH is 60.1%.
It is perhaps better to show [[sigma].sub.av] as a function of the binding energy. For x = 10 only b [less than or equal to] 1 are available.
In the pink, yellow, and blue samples, the electron binding energy of the strongest Fe2p3/2 component are 710.5, 710.6, and 710.6 eV, respectively, coinciding with the electron binding energy of Fe2p3/2 in [Fe.sub.2][O.sub.3], indicating that Fe is mainly in the [Fe.sup.3+] chemical state and coordinates with O.
This can be interpreted as an anomalous increase in the proton-muon binding energy of 320 [micro]eV.
The binding energy difference is within the standard error defined for AutoDock vina, which is [+ or -] 2.85 kcal/mol [18].
The increase of the binding energy of N[H.sub.3] with the neutral PMD molecule occurs due to the structure of associate in which the N-H bond of the ammonia molecule closes the six-membered ring with the OCNH group of the oxazine ring.
In order to calculate the ground-state donor binding energy in ZB [In.sub.x][Ga.sub.1-x]N/GaN SCQDs, the trial wave function may be written as follows [11,12]:
Distance (cm) Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Sample 4 Sample 5 0 0.2339 0.2795 0.2574 0.2608 0.2612 50 0.1416 0.1414 0.1418 0.1508 0.1542 100 0.1442 1.1412 1.1415 0.1428 0.1451 Table 2: Binding energy data for mineralized samples.
A binding energy value of 19.65 kcal/mol has been calculated in the case of dopa molecule adsorbed on geminal silica (001).
Example: Predicting HIV-1 Protease-Inhibitor Binding Energy. To validate the approach for empirically calculating binding affinity, PDB accession codes and experimental binding energies were obtained from Jenwitheesuk and Samudrala [25] for twenty-five HIV-1 protease-inhibitor complexes (Table 9); they converted experimental inhibition constants ([K.sub.i]) to experimental binding energies ([DELTA][G.sup.0], Gibbs free energy of binding, in units of kcal/mol) by applying the equation [DELTA][G.sup.0] = -RT ln([K.sub.i]), where R is the gas constant (1.987 cal [K.sup.-1] [mol.sup.-1]) and T is the absolute temperature (room temperature, 300 K).