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BHZBelo Horizonte (Minas Gerais, Brazil; city code)
BHZBiohazard (gaming clan)
BHZBiuro Handlu Zagranicznego (Polish: Bureau of Foreign Trade)
BHZBurning Horizon
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Compliant with OSHA standards, the SAFEGUARD Biohazard Specimen Bags have two separate compartments, one for specimens and the other for specimen-related paperwork.
"The seat beside me was rendered significantly unhealthy due to the biohazard and the anti-odor spray used by attendants to cover stench of urine... The spray irritated my nose, pharynx and larynx, causing sinus swelling and a cough that still persists," she added.
The Resident Evil (or Biohazard) franchise has something for everybody.
Appropriate care in packaging potentially biohazard materials for transport through the system in a safe and intact manner is critical.
"the company's Poly-Trux 70P and 72P Biohazard carts provide rigid, leakproof containment for bagged medical waste inside a durable, plastic design that can be locked to prevent access.
Lutz, FL, August 20, 2014 --( Getting help in a hurry will soon be easier for Tampa-area property owners in need of biohazard cleanup, crime scene cleanup, and other specialized types of trauma cleanup services.
Each character comes with their own tin biohazard containment unit for play and storage.
However, matters take a turn for the worst when a rescue team dressed in biohazard suits drags away one of the group and the survivors retaliate by killing their supposed saviours.
Adventist Medical Center (AMC) has installed equipment developed by Red Bag Solutions of Baltimore, Md., which allows the hospital to pulverize and sterilize infectious wastes from red biohazard bags and sharps containers, leaving a confetti-like material which can be disposed of or recycled.
Grim Reaper: End of Days provides a gripping thriller and tells of a future where an enlisted soldier loses his family after 9/11, and a biohazard scientist begins a plague, believing God has chosen her to usher in Revelations.
Summary: Police in riot gear and biohazard suits have removed anti-Wall Street activists who have been camped outside the City Hall in Los Angeles.