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BIOBiotechnology Industry Organization
BIOBedford Institute of Oceanography
BIOBring It On (Counter-Strike gaming clan)
BIOBring It On
BIOBasic Input Output
BIOBlow It Off
BIOBiological Hazard (fire diamond warning code)
BIOBiotech Industry Organization
BIOBinocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope
BIOBusiness Information Officer
BIOBureau of International Organizations (US DoD)
BIOBinary Input/Output
BIOBasis for Interim Operation
BIOBritish Informatics Olympiad
BIOBilbao, Spain - Sondica (Airport Code)
BIOBiology Break (chat, going to the bathroom)
BIOBio Research Module (NASA)
BIOBiomechanical Integrated Organism (robotics)
BIOBiological Information Processing Association
BIOBranch Intelligence Officer
BIOBroadcast Input Output
BIOBitronics Input/Output (computer networking)
BIOBy Invitation Only
BIOBuilding Inspection Office (various locations)
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He never laid claim to a very profound knowledge of biology, and his criticism is far more valuable as the attitude of a fresh mind than as that of a specialist towards the question.
The conference include the topics related to structural biology and biophysics highlighting areas such as are 3D structure determination, computational approaches in structural biology, hybrid approaches for structure predictions, structural biology and single molecules, structural bioinformatics and proteomics, structural molecular biology, structural virology, sequencing, signalling biology, molecular modelling and dynamics, drug designing, frontiers in structural biology, structural biology in cancer research, structural biology complexity arenas and recent advances in structural biology.
Gordon, Daniel Harrison, Glenn Iason, Jesper Madsen, Shyamala Ratnayeke, Sigurour Snorrason, Lisette Waits and Paul Wilson for the work they have done for WILDLIFE BIOLOGY.
But I think that biology is the easiest subject in which to interest students and to teach.
The biblical literalists on the Dover board went out and found a supplementary biology textbook published by creationists in Fort Worth.
Published research will either advance the field as an engineering discipline or use information on synthetic biology to improve the knowledge of existing phenomena.
That's when Advanced Placement biology textbooks were just a couple of hundred pages long -- well short of the current 1,000-page tomes that students have to crack.
But a systems biology approach would attempt to model not only the chemical's effect on gene expression but also how that expression will affect protein function, and in turn how the exposure will affect cell signaling.
Education majors at Coastal Carolina University are required to take just two science courses, one in biology and one in physics (Barra & Hughes 2003).
Lederman, who was always "vaguely aware something was wrong" with the typical science line-up taught in high school, says that biology depends on molecules like DNA.
Complex subjects like the chemistry of the cell wall, host recognition and adherence, the cell biology of the yeast-hyphal transformation, and extracellular hydrolases as virulence factors in C.
But at the same time, the potential value of new information in biology has been skyrocketing.
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